since 1961
BANDITO Looking to catch more waves than your buddies?  The Bandito is the answer.  This board is a true wave thief.  Set up to be a longboarders shortboard, this board paddles easy and yet turns on a dime.  The outlne contains a wide nose with the center point pushed forward.  This allows you to paddle with ease and get into the wave early. The tail is a single wing to a pin tail that allows the Bandito to turn like a shortboard.  For those looking to come down from a longboard, but not go too short, the Bandito has a 2+1 fin setup.  For those wanting to go short, the Bandito-mini (under 7ft) has a trifin setup.  Either way this board will work in almost any conditions--from knee high mush to head high barrels.  The Bandito is just plain fast, fun and easy to ride.
Bandito:             6'10"-8'4"    +1     8x6x6 glassing
Bandito-Babino: 5'6-6'8" thruster   6x6x6 glassing

EL DORADO The cadillac of surfboards, the El Dorado is simply a classic.  This vintage inspired single fin has taken its cues from the master shapers of the 1960s. With no hard edges and a rolled bottom to a vee, the El Dorado glides for days while still giving you that smooth rail to rail feeling.  Its larger outline makes it great for those working on positioning and its big square tail makes it easy to pick up any wave.  The shape is just flat out forgiving, so if your struggling to get to your feet, walk the board, or any other area of your surfing, the ease of the El Dorado will help.  So if you are looking for a truly classic shape that some claim is the best noseriding shape ever made, then give the El Dorado a try.

8'10"-9'6"   glassed 8x8x8  single fin

MACHETE Put a little soul back in your surfing with the Machete.  This vintage inspired longboard is geared towards the lighter surfer looking to gain some style.  It is reminiscent of those high performance late 60s boards. The outline is slightly narrower than your typical longboad, with knifey rails, a vee bottom, pintail and ,of course, a single fin. This board can style on the small stuff and dominate in the big waves.  Simply put, this vintage performance longboard gives you the ability to slice through the water with razor like precision and look good doing it.

9'0"-9'6"  8x8x8 glassing single fin

CHARGER Looking to hit the lip and throw buckets? The Charger is your board!  This is a flat out performance longboard. The hard edges are going to give you speed and bite, while the rounded pin makes it super responsive and easy to turn.  With a 2+1 fin setup, this board is for the smaller rider or someone who likes their longboard on those big days.  The speed hull design helps to keep that board out in front of the wave so that you actually look as good as you think you do. In the end, this board just rips--and yeah, a longboard can do that!

8'10"-9'6"  glassed  8x8x8    2+1 fin setup

EAST Need just one board for all conditions? The East is the board for you. This shape is truly the right board for the right coast.  With a slightly fuller template, plenty of center volume, and moderate rocker, the East will paddle like a dream.  You will have no problem picking up those soft mush waves or getting in early on those steep barrels.  Add hard back rails, 2+1 fin setup and a diamond tail for both speed and control, along with a flat to vee bottom for great rail to rail surfing, and you might have the perfect board.  But we are not done yet--the defined concave nose gives you the lift you need to get on the nose and stay there in that classic longboard style.  This board can simply do it all.  So from soft summer slop to overhead winter barrels, the East has you covered.

9'0-9'8"   glassed 8x8x8    2+1 fin setup  

TORO This one is for the big boys.  Thick, boxy rails, slight concave nose, and a large square tail make this the board for those that still enjoy all that life gives us.  The full volume allows the board to sit high and pick up the wave earlier than anyone else.  So sit outside, catch the wave first and blow by the shortboarders on your way to the beach because no one will get in your way on this big boy toy.  And despite all the size and volume, this board still has modern elements that make it easy to ride.  The 2+1 fin setup and vee in the tail make it surprisingly easy to turn.  Very easy to paddle, stable, and great for beginners also. And  if your winter weight is now your everyday weight, the Toro can keep you riding the waves.

9'0"-10'2"    glassed 8x8x8+     2+1 fin setup

SQUID Looking to surf on a hydrodynamic wonder--the Squid is the answer.  Our version of the legendary Sidewinder, this board is made for noseriding. This board is a high tech feat of surfing engineering. It creates a speed generated horizontal vortex that makes getting to and staying on the nose an easy task.  So if you are looking for a noseriding machine, the Squid has got to be your board.  
9'6", unless custom ordered

EL GATO The holy grail of surfboards can now be yours!  This classic and iconic 60s shape makes you feel like your riding a little piece of surf history.  The board starts with the unique stepped deck and also provides a rounded bottom, 50/50 rails and slots through the tail.  It is always set up as a single fin but the buyer has their choice of a pintail or square tail.  In the end, this is simply a classic; a tribute to one of the most sought after boards ever made but for a fraction of the price of an original.

 Typically 9'6" but will shape 9'0"-10'0"

CHIK STIK This one is for the ladies, because let's face it, we are not built the same.  The Chik Stik is going to provide all the benefits of our other Matador models, but with features that will help the ladies get into the waves and outsurf the boys. Built for someone with less body weight, this board has a full nose, a slightly narrower template and a classic squash tail, the Chik Stik will allow you catch more waves than your friends.  The 2 + 1 fin setup and slight double concave will provide you with all the rail to rail control you want. So if your tired of having to surf boards that are made for the guys, check out the Chik Stik--a board made just for you.

8'10''   glassed 8x6  over 6    2+1  fin set up
and if looking for something smaller, we make this in a funboard size as well.
6'10''-8'   glassed 6x6x6     tri fin or   2+1   fins

GRINGO Speed, speed and more speed!  The Gringo is made to go fast.  Modeled after the classic Stinger shapes of the mid 1970s made popular by the Dogtown boys of Venice Beach, this board is made for those big, steep, nasty swells (think hurricanes and winter nor'easters) or steep summer days.  The forward volume gives you all the paddle power you need to get into the wave early.  Add to that the single wing with a deep swallowtail and this board will not only fly down the line, it will turn on a dime.  And to give it that final piece of classic surf design, the Gringo is all single fin, all the time.  So if you are looking to make that steep drop, tuck into the barrel and glide your way to surf perfection, then the Gringo is your board!

6'6"-7'6"    glassed   8x6  over 6    single fin  boxed

RIGHT COAST ROCKET Love those late 60s early 70s single fins but want a little more modern feel to your board? Check out the Right Coast Rocket with its fast wave entry plus the ability to maintain speed and  launch floaters.  Based off the transition boards of an earlier era, this board will be your go to board in that small summer slop but will hold in anything up to head high.  With a wide, thick outline and the center point pushed forward, this board will catch anything you paddle for and allow you to blast through those flat spots.  The diamond tail gives a little more bite, and instead of just going with the classic single fin, we have added a couple of little buddies on the side to help with hold and drive if you so choose.  But don't be afraid to go classic and run it with just that single fin.  So if you are looking for a board that has style to spare, but will still get you down the line on those smaller days, the Right Coast Rocket is for you.

5'8"-7'4"   6x6x6   2+1 fins

COLLIER CLASSIC The Collier label is part of surfing history.  In order to keep the tradition of handmade, classic boards alive, Matador will shape a limited amount of assorted Collier boards on an annual basis.  The boards will be authentic, vintage shapes that truly replicate the boards of the past.  All Collier boards will be made with methods and materials that replicate the time period , such as heavy glass, high density blanks and glass-on or boxed single fins.  This will be like owning a piece of surfing history.
limited run yearly
9'0"-10'0"  8x8x8+   single fin only    glass or boxed

BULL FISH Every surfboard company has to have a fish, but not all fish can be a Bull Fish!  This is what a fish was intended to be.  A full volume, vintage inspired retro fish that will fly down the line in the soft summer mush, but hold in the head high glass.  Wide nose, thick rails, flat rocker and plenty of volume allows you to ride this board a little shorter but still catch more waves than your friends.  But don't think of this as big, wide and slow--this board is fast down the line with great maneuverability.  Set it up as a twin or quad, depending on how you're feeling that session.  This board is guaranteed to make all your summer surf sessions fun again.
5'8"-7'8''    glassed 6x6x6   quad fin boxed futures

SUP  The Matador SUP is your all-terrain vehicle.  This paddleboard performs in all types of conditions, whether it be flatwater touring or head high perfection.  Shaped to ride just like your most beloved longboard, the SUP is made with only the best materials and technology.  However, don't be afraid to put your dog on the nose or practice that warrior pose!

9' to 11'6''    glassed 8x6 over 8x6  all wrapping rails   2+1  
breather handle   and pad 

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